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Symmetrical and asymmetrical power

Symmetrical power is defined by the risk being proportional to the potential gain. This automatically translates into “the bigger guy wins”

2019   bitcoin

What is blockchain

Blockchain is a data structure for proving that certain events happened in a specific order

 2 comments   2018   bitcoin   blockchain

Why Bitcoin is called Bitcoin

99% of ideas around Bitcoin existed long before 2008. There was a proof-of-work money, there was a bit gold idea and there was paper on distributed property titles

2017   bitcoin

Bitcoin is like...

Bitcoin is like physical cash: it is not reversible and you are responsible for handling it. If you lose your wallet, you lose your money

2017   bitcoin   git   money

Bitcoin is a Tesla

Bitcoin compared to traditional financial assets is the same as Tesla compared to gasoline cars. Both Bitcoin and Tesla are sustainable, require less maintenance and eliminate bullshit on a planetary scale

 1 comment   2017   bitcoin   tesla

How to buy Bitcoin

You can only buy Bitcoin once in your life. You are going to make your homework and buy some coins with the intent to hold them for at least several years

2017   bitcoin