Oleg Andreev

Oleg Andreev

Software designer and Bitcoin expert.

With rich background in web design, managing high load systems and end-user application design, I am standing on the intersection of UX and strong cryptosystems. To make cryptographic schemes and protocols actually work, they need to be designed from the beginning with the user interface in mind.


Blog: blog.oleganza.com

Email: oleganza@gmail.com

Twitter: @oleganza

Github: @oleganza

PGP key: 6456 F1F5 C543 2530

Paris, France


Lead product architect at Chain.

Whitepapers of inventions for Bitcoin and cryptosystems.

Selected articles on Bitcoin and cryptoanarchy: philosophy and technical aspects.

Author of Gitbox, a 5-star version control app for OS X.

Author of CoreBitcoin, a rich toolkit for doing Bitcoin in Objective-C.

Designer and developer of Mycelium iOS wallet (2014).

Co-designer and developer of FunGolf GPS, the best assistant app for golfers (2012-2014).

Initial designer and developer of VK video service (2007–2008).

Brother: Andrey Andreev